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Conflict and Resolution

I couldn’t muster words today for an article, but I did mutter enough to make this composition.

Composition: Spirit Walk

Spirit Walk is a newly generated composition made by myself, following the strict pattern of three individual lines of text (non-documented due to improvised nature) in order to produce a track that would be unique in its composition. The result is an eerie horror-style slow moving track that makes use of a violin section, a synthesised instrument and a guitar made possible through a Digital Audio Workstation and a Midi controller.

Personally, when I was listening to this one in its early stages, the inspiration for the title comes from a move in my current Witch Doctor character in Diablo – seeing as it has become a new favourite game as of late and I have particularly enjoyed it. It also allows me to take inspiration from different sources, such as movies or games – I do similar already with poetry when I’m listening to music or the world, which during this time, I shut out.

It’s intriguing to see how the mind works in mysterious ways.


Another day, another track, another blog post will follow this!

Keep your eyes peeled!

A Shift In Orbit

Good afternoon!

I don’t think I have written to you folks in a while, so a little catch-up is needed.

I have been very busy dealing with a complex variety of health issues that have presided over my abilities.

But worry not, I am back and I will be writing more regular blog posts soon.

As for now, here is a new composition from yours truly.



Multiverse – SoundCloud

Listen to Multiverse by jdotwilliams #np on #SoundCloud

In The Shadows

In The Shadows is an ambient track, following onwards from Path To Your Decay, where I am to produce as many tracks as humanly possible, in order to retain some form of human sanity in this world at present. I am breaking my silence, fighting against and so I hope you enjoy this.