Joshua Jon Williams


Closing An Old Chapter

Hello readers,

I would like to announce that as from today, Terminus Infinite will no longer be maintained by myself as I am shifting my focus to my new website, that embodies a wide variety of my arts exploration under a new name that holds true to the nature of my self and my work with various communities.

I have enjoyed sharing with you and I hope to set up a new blog page on the website, so you won’t miss out on my writings or new compositions. I will not be closing the website as this will remain in place, however I will be stripping the blog of content that duplicates the new website to ensure consistency.

Again, thanks for reading.

Joshi x



Even though I am sickened with sadness that looms heavily upon such a frail and fragile instrument that beats with its red glow shaped like a heart. I do my best to enshroud my emotions underneath a smile that rests on delicate plasticine hooks, that at the mere toss of a coin could break off into my skin. I would feel pain greater than that of any physical pain or loss that I have endured so far in life. Soon this numbness sets in and I feel hollow as empty hands thread me back together, then the cycle starts again.

Smile (2015)
Joshua Williams

Progress Update (2014-2015)

Terminus Infinite

Between June 2014 when I had finished my degree in Contemporary Arts, I have been a mixture of dormant and active in my role as a creative person – my work has had periods of excitement and there was been numerous periods of silence that have taken their place within the empty voids of time. In the short span of space after I had graduated, my focus had turned away from creativity to funding myself as I was now a graduate and in the modern world, that means getting a job. I began working at a library shortly after, living with family up until about February of this year, when I had a new job in the town centre and travel was proving not only difficult but costly on my own health. In this time, I had begun writing the following poems as published on my blog:


This poem references immediately in its title, the subject matter of which I had hoped to address during the writing of the piece. I was at the time dealing with sensory input that had become overloading and so, in order to shut down that moment of transcending thought (or madness), I began to write N.O.I.S.E to relay my thoughts and feelings that were crossing my mind at the time.

Present day?

In the present day, I am between work at the moment, giving myself time to recuperate from exhausting myself to the point of null creativity and null happiness, so for the respectful next few weeks, these blog posts should be fairly frequent.



A Shift In Orbit

Good afternoon!

I don’t think I have written to you folks in a while, so a little catch-up is needed.

I have been very busy dealing with a complex variety of health issues that have presided over my abilities.

But worry not, I am back and I will be writing more regular blog posts soon.

As for now, here is a new composition from yours truly.



Artistic Practice as Cathartic Relief [Introduction]

Without artistic practice to relieve oneself from stress, one would fall into a deeper depression – however if one was to consume their career in artistic practice, one would lose sight of their own relief and become enveloped into a state where relief becomes non-artistic and opposes the original belief.

I feel that in saying this, I would not like to be an academic – I like writing but the words would tire.

Multiverse – SoundCloud

Listen to Multiverse by jdotwilliams #np on #SoundCloud

In The Shadows

In The Shadows is an ambient track, following onwards from Path To Your Decay, where I am to produce as many tracks as humanly possible, in order to retain some form of human sanity in this world at present. I am breaking my silence, fighting against and so I hope you enjoy this.