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Audio Blog: Salvaged, Part 1


Part 1 is now available on YouTube as a audio blog for your ears.



Composition: Spirit Walk

Spirit Walk is a newly generated composition made by myself, following the strict pattern of three individual lines of text (non-documented due to improvised nature) in order to produce a track that would be unique in its composition. The result is an eerie horror-style slow moving track that makes use of a violin section, a synthesised instrument and a guitar made possible through a Digital Audio Workstation and a Midi controller.

Personally, when I was listening to this one in its early stages, the inspiration for the title comes from a move in my current Witch Doctor character in Diablo – seeing as it has become a new favourite game as of late and I have particularly enjoyed it. It also allows me to take inspiration from different sources, such as movies or games – I do similar already with poetry when I’m listening to music or the world, which during this time, I shut out.

It’s intriguing to see how the mind works in mysterious ways.

Molten Core of the Heart

I remember as a child, when I was attending school and slowly into the early stages of college, that I would refer to a shell. This shell acted as a protective barrier, allowing in only so much and the same for letting out. I used to frequently return to my shell and over the years I’ve stepped out of it, supposedly coping fine with no problem whatsoever.

I realise now that this shell was shielding me past the point, where I kept it up for as long as I could, not noticing that after time, it had begun to degrade as it’s presence became forgotten. It was around the same time that I was opening my heart for the very first time to someone and normally I don’t do this often unless I feel it’s safe. But what came after left me wounded.

The problem with opening my heart, was that once the floodgate was opened, it won’t close easily. I learned this the hard way wasting away precious blood, sweat and tears trying to hope whatever had opened it would close it. However it could not be closed and I left myself open and vulnerable to tampering, which led me to trouble I had hoped I would never be a part of.

To this day, my heart is still open but I am rebuilding my shield in hopes that this will mend my heart or otherwise give me the control over the floodgates so that I may feel my heart as a whole and only open it again when I know truly that they’ll give me theirs if mine becomes broken.

That’s enough for today.