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Conflict and Resolution

I couldn’t muster words today for an article, but I did mutter enough to make this composition.

Composition: Spirit Walk

Spirit Walk is a newly generated composition made by myself, following the strict pattern of three individual lines of text (non-documented due to improvised nature) in order to produce a track that would be unique in its composition. The result is an eerie horror-style slow moving track that makes use of a violin section, a synthesised instrument and a guitar made possible through a Digital Audio Workstation and a Midi controller.

Personally, when I was listening to this one in its early stages, the inspiration for the title comes from a move in my current Witch Doctor character in Diablo – seeing as it has become a new favourite game as of late and I have particularly enjoyed it. It also allows me to take inspiration from different sources, such as movies or games – I do similar already with poetry when I’m listening to music or the world, which during this time, I shut out.

It’s intriguing to see how the mind works in mysterious ways.

The IF Project: Dreams


The IF project, now features the completed compositions of those who submitted under the category of ‘I Dream That’, featuring such notions as Death, Demon, Dimension, Freedom, Gender, Heart, Human, Nearer and Heart. These names are all given respectively of what you submitted – but for those of you requiring enlightenment, below I have released the sentences (with no names to protect those who submitted):

  • I dream that one day I’ll live in a world where gender is not restricted to two genders, and that those who identify within the grey are considered legitimate. (Gender)
  • I dream that one day I will be able to live like everyone else. That I will be free of my demons and know what it means to be truly alive. (Demon)
  • I dream that as I grow older I let my heart grow larger and my compassion stronger (Heart)
  • I dream that we will meet in death. (Death)
  • I dream that throughout most of the world no-one eats animals, nor animal products. (Freedom)
  • I dream that the universe is a spiral bending back on itself continually. Not a cycle like people tell us. The sun rises and sets, but when it rises again we are all a little changed, even the sun has its age. The wave returns, but returns always as a different wave. (Universe)
  • I dream that that everything I want is nearer (Nearer)
  • I dream that humanity will prevent the absorption of more plasma in our severely abused mother earth (Human)
  • I dream that we are connected to a shadow world by one dimensional lines. (Dimension)

These are respectively linked to their file names under A Dream (****), at:


As I received the majority under dream, the second two are lesser in amounts received, so I will be compiling all these compositions under a single series, that feature next to other works for the exhibition in June, of which more details will be released nearer to the time.